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8 of the best small business softwares

Over our 10+ years of software consulting practice we have used and come across some excellent paid or free SAAS based softwares. From project management, to email management and accounting, this mini guide will assist small business owners to find the best software tool for their business.  Small business are tough and challenging, but with right software you can overcome some of the operational challenges. Software's organize your operations, streamline your workflow, and get more jobs done proficiently and with reliability.  Here are 8 of the best small business software’s that we use and have helped us in our business. Our only intent in writing this blog is that it will help fellow small business owners in their quest of finding reliable softwares for their business.  1. Freedcamp:  Do you wish to enhance your workflow in a way that lets you achieve your targets and goals? Then opt for Freedcamp project management software. From single to multiple users the collaborati

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Small Business

AI & Machine Learning is the future, according to Salesforce 40% organization say they will adopt AI in next two years. AI is often used by big tech giants but now even small business have the opportunity to use these technologies What we can do for you? Sales Prediction & Predictive analytics In every organization, sales forecast is critical to decisions on everything from budgets to spending. We can help you forecast certain outcomes using predictive modelling. Each model is made up of a number of predictors, which are variables that are likely to influence future results. Your sales teams can more use predictive analytic models to more accurately predict the future of sales and financial forecasting of your